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Patient Information

Your First Visit

You can expect to undergo a thorough assessment process during your first visit to Oconomowoc Physical Therapy.

I’m Dr. Carla Colella, DPT, OCS, clinic owner, and I will listen to your goals and issues and conduct a series of assessments to help determine what combination of evidence-based physical therapy will work best to address them and lead to your long-term recovery.

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that make it easy for you to move and allow me access to your skin (read: no compression shorts or yoga pants). In most instances, you will also receive some treatment after the assessment portion of the initial evaluation.



Oconomowoc Physical Therapy is not an in-network provider with any insurance company.

The clinic accepts cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs).

Detailed statements are provided upon request, and the patient can submit self-claims to his/her insurance provider.

I operate in this way to ensure that my patient’s care is dictated by their needs and the effectiveness of the treatment we can provide, not by insurance mandates.

It is important to know your specific insurance plan and what those out of pocket expenses may end up costing you at a clinic that “accepts” your insurance. For example: 20 percent co-insurance on a bill of about $300 for a 45-minute physical therapy session will still end up costing you about $60, assuming you’ve met your deductible and haven’t exhausted your allotted visits for the year. Then, you will have to consider your time as money – Are you being cared for efficiently and effectively? Or just going through the motions?

Free 20-minute consultation

Not sure if we can help? Want to know if Dr. Carla Colella, DPT, OCS, has experience in dealing with your unique problem? Call to arrange for a free 20-minute consultation. I take pride in our truthful and realistic responses to let you know if I genuinely believe our work can make a difference in your life.



As of November 2019

Mon: 7a-2p

Tues: 9a-5p

Thurs: 10a-6p

Fri: 10a-6p

Sat: by appointment  

Want Some Help?