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Visceral Manipulation (1)

I believe that anybody who has either been in a car accident, had abdominal surgeries, or been pregnant (a very large % of the population) needs this treatment.

I’ve highlighted a few cases that help explain this seemingly abstract concept, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Sometimes we know that a problem is visceral in nature, but sometimes, because of the neural pathways our brain receives information, we can’t tell where it is coming from.

GERD  (or acid reflux) is one of those obviously organ symptoms that visceral manipulation can help ease.  

Back pain with running (or walking) may be from a restriction in your large intestinecausing decreased hip extension. This may also be your problem if you’ve had “chronic hip flexor strains.”

A restricted liver l may be to blame in right shoulder or shoulder blade pain, especially with no real mechanism of injury…especially if you live in Wisconsin. 

One of the more amazing techniques I learned was helping to close a diastasis recti(that mid line split in your abdominals that often widens after childbirth).  This treatment is much more effective than treatments that just pull the two ends together in the front, and you need those abdominals for almost every movement you do. 

A thorough hands on evaluation is need to determine if these are your issues, so call Oconomowoc Physical Therapy today!

I’m very excited to bring to you what I do know in this field. However, I do have further coursework to complete in this area; if your condition if above my scope of knowledge, I can direct you to somebody who can help.  

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