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PT before your FORE! Golf Assessment

“We do not believe in one way to swing a club, rather in an infinite number of swing styles. But, we do believe there is one efficient way for every player to swing and it is based on what the player can physically do. The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to their body.” • Greg Rose, TPI Co-founder. 

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Session content is based on recent continuing education through Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC & based in the most up to date research with emphasis on preventing back, hip & knee pain while maximizing your potential to get your body to make your best swing. Afterwards, swing specific mechanics can be addressed by your golf coach.

Session will include: Assessment of recommended joint range of motion, key swing muscle strength testing, and motor assessment of your swing followed by drills/exercises and/or initial manual therapy treatment to address found limitations.

Want Some Help?