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Do What You Love

“Do what you love an you’ll never work a day in your life.”

While we’ve all heard this vague advice sometime in our young lives, we chose to interpret it in different ways. Somewhere on the scale of a) “Yay, I’m going to be a video game tester” to z) “these fools think someone is going to pay them to be a video game tester, I’m getting a real job.”

I’m thankful I landed somewhere in the middle, finding a career that suited me that was also practical.   webPT.com just released their 2018 “State of PT” report, and I’ve included some data & excerpts to explain why  Oconomowoc Physical Therapy is the wave of the future.

#1: High Quality Experience/ do you know what your co-pays are?

#2, Big business may use labels like “patient relationship management,” I just call it being attentive to you and your needs…and it’s a given.

#3 OPT just says “No” to “superimposed rules and documentation requirements.”

No burnout means I have more happy/good energy to share with you.

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Give me a call or text 262-244-5895 or an e-mail carla@oconomowocphysicaltherapy.com to see how this  [kind of] new way of doing physical therapy can help improve your quality of life. 

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