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5 Reasons I Choose Self-Care (and you should too)

In super happy exciting news:  Matt and I are expecting the birth of our second child in late August!

In less than super happy news: I am currently pregnant.

1. A good attitude can go a long way

Both times I went into it with great optimism that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and that some women say it is the healthiest time of their lives, and history is not destined to repeat itself. I can do this!

2. Acceptance is better than denial

Attitude can take you so far, then reality sets in. This is hard. Maybe carrying 40lbs of equipment on ice when I’m lightheaded isn’t the safest thing.  Until further notice, OPT will no longer be offering the in-home/ concierge therapy. Exceptions will be for those who already have treatment tables at your house, and perhaps a handful of the initial & loyal OPT customers.

3. Practice what I Preach

But Carla, won’t you lose money? Yes, probably. 

if you can't afford to make a healthy change (especially a short-term one), do a quick ego check. A lot of people get by on a lot less, re-evaluate your "needs."

4. Be present.  

I am committed to your experience. Since I am fully committed to being 100% present and focused with my clients, this means that I have to take my own advice, listen to my body, and realize my limitations. My goal, of course, is to this time around, NOT work my tail off to avoid the stress of an underweight, distressed baby. This may mean less hours, less late hours for you, my wonderful clients, but at no sacrifice of quality care. 

5. Use experience as a time for learning

I will try to be an example for women all the way through the post-partum and on to the return to

sport phase of life. Be sure to keep following me on FB or IG (@OconPT) for details & tips for yourself. I expect to be back seeing clients by late 2019, right after taking another visceral manipulation course for the pelvis, a MUST for post-partum care.

Want Some Help?