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About Carla Colella, DPT, OCS

Personal Information

Mother of two. Wife. Oconomowoc resident for 7 years. Lover or the lakes, anything outdoors (even in the winter), my dog, good food, comedy, & trivia. Fellow traverler on a journey towards enjoying a happy, healthy life.  

Dr. Colella's Credentials, Certifications, Education & Professional Affiliations

APTA- American Physical Therapy Association Member (orthopedics & neurology sections). WI licensed. ABPTS board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). Adjunct faculty at Carroll University's PT program. Doctor of Physical Therapy from George Washington University. Over a decade of clinical experience. 

Dr. Colella's journey with Physical Therapy

Like most PTs, I first experienced physical therapy as an adolescent, loved the process & decided that was the career for me...that's the glossy version. The skipped steps in that story are important. I was like most American's presenting to their family physicians with back pain (7% get referred to PT); & surprise, surprise, I went to a physician & got a physician treatment plan. While there are some great, integrated MDs now...this was the 90's. I got unnecessary imaging. I got put on dangerous medication. I was referred to a Chriopractor, a Rheumatologist & a D.O. all with no success & all who saw me for about 5-10 minutes a piece. My PT looked at my body & figured out my shoulders were very lax/hypermobile thus creating the pain in my upper back. Knowing what I know has gotten me out of a jam more times than I remember. It has also been the one treatmetn that has dramatically improved my anxiety & helped me have a second baby. It is an amazing profession. I truely believe without it, I'd be on disability, chomping opioids in a reclier somewhere. Instead, I'm knocking on 40 in better shape than I was in my 20's. I share some tips on my facebook page . in what I call the "lifestyle of physical therapy" because, while episodes pop up that demand some extra TLC, taking care of ourselves is a lifelong process. 

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