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1 mom every month will win a free treatment session at Oconomowoc Physical Therapy

For you sports nuts out there, yes, this photo was inspired by the iconic Michael Jordan “Wings” poster (c. 1989), but in motherhood, there are no sponsors, there is no glory, it is hard. It is even harder to be the best mom you can be when you have aches & pains.

In a talk with a friend, we joked about how hard we thought sports practices were in high school, and if we (back then) had to live our current life in our 30 somethings for a week, we would have been exhausted and would have never stopped complaining about it. 

To Enter: please go to Contact , put "Momstrong" in the subject line, and I will randomly draw 1 mom every month for a free  treatment/wellness session. 

Want Some Help?