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2019/2020 Pricing

Evaluation only: $165

Single visit: $150

Packages (all packages include evaluation): $720, expire in 6 months 

- Post partum- Ideal for those 6 weeks-6 years after baby. Can be used concurrently with an internal/biofeedback therapy plan of care.

- Sports Performance- Movement analysis (includes running) & techniques to improve your deficits: typically deep stabilizing muscle function, coordination, or end range function. Great for power with rotation sports (baseball, softball, golf & gymnastics)

- General Orthopedic- for all of your sprains, strains, -itis conditions & everything in between

- Chronic pain, Headaches &/or Stress- address the physical components of stress & the non-painful aspects of pain. 

Maintenance (any single visit after a package): $115

Oconomowoc Physical Therapy accepts: 

Cash, check, all major credit cards

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) & FSAs (Flex Spending Accounts) 

You may self-sumbit claims to your insurance for reimbursement

Want Some Help?