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2020 Pricing

Evaluation only: $165

Single visit: $150

Packages (all packages include evaluation): $720, 6 sessions  * Most popular* >20% discount

Maintenance (any single visit after a package): $115

Telehealth: 1/2 hr $50 

Oconomowoc Physical Therapy accepts: 

Cash, check, all major credit cards

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) & FSAs (Flex Spending Accounts) 

You may self-sumbit claims to your insurance for reimbursement by hand or through the Reimbursify App .  Detailed statements are provided upon request

Oconomowoc Physical Therapy is out-of-network with all insurance companies.  I operate in this way to ensure that my patient’s care is dictated by their needs and the effectiveness of the treatment we can provide, not by insurance mandates.

It is important to know your specific insurance plan and what those out of pocket expenses may end up costing you at a clinic that “accepts” your insurance. For example: 20 percent co-insurance on a bill of about $300 for a 45-minute physical therapy session will still end up costing you about $60, assuming you’ve met your deductible and haven’t exhausted your allotted visits for the year. Then, you will have to consider your time as money – Are you being cared for efficiently and effectively? Or just going through the motions?


(Package Rate)




after deductable

Visit 1 $720 $300

($300x 20%)

Visit 2 $0 $300 $60
Visit 3 $0 $300 $60
Visit 4 $0 $300 $60
Visit 5 $0 $300 $60
Visit 6 $0 $300 $60
Total  $720 $1,800 (!)  $320
Difference Efficacy, time, ease $320

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