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What Sets OPT Apart?

Oconomowoc Physical Therapy (OPT) is an independent, hands-on, boutique-style private practice that believes in providing this community with effective, efficient treatment to optimize your body's physical potential. 

Whereas other clinics may say you've reached THEIR goals for you and that you are "good enough," OPT takes that a step further when you participate in performace therapy. 

What is Performance Therapy?  

-Full body assessment to address what "links in your chain" are not perfoming optimally & addressing them to maximize your athletic perofrmance. 

- Identification of potential risk factors to injury and techniques to treat them BEFORE they cause problems.

Coronavirus Update 

-If you are not comfortable participating in a face-to-face visit, please contact Dr. Carla in advance via e-mail to set up a consultation via Telehealth https://doxy.me/oconPT

-As always, OPT only treats one person at a time. 

-Dr. Carla will be wearing PPE & following current guidelines on cleaning/disinfecting. 


Oconomowoc Physical Therapy

1341 W. Wisconsin Ave Suite 2A

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53006

Phone: 262-244-5895

Email: carla@oconomowocphysicaltherapy.com


Free 20-minute consultation

Not sure if OPT can help? Want to know if we have experience in dealing with your unique problem? Call to arrange for a free 20-minute consultation. I take pride in a truthful and realistic responses to let you know if my treatment can make a difference in your life.

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